Women in Technology

Women in Technology


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As a women owned business we're all about empowering women and helping to increase the amount of women in technology. And whilst yes we want to be seen as equals and not seperate ourselves, a little girl power never did anyone any harm!

There are many examples of tech companies where their internal attitudes towards women are reflected in their products. If there were more tech companies led or even worked in by women,  I truly believe it would change the way companies work and as a result add value to company’s services or products.

Why aren't there many women in technology? In my 20+ years of recruitment this has always been the case. Is it down to women doing degrees that are more geared towards the arts or are they just scared to enter into a male dominated arena? My feelings are that women need to try and make their own paths into technology and companies need to start nuturing them to do this.

If there are to be more women in technology companies need to be open to providing flexibility in the workplace for a productive work/life balance. Any company that does this will surely benefit from a diverse and gender balanced working environment.