Data and Cyber Security Professionals

Data and Cyber Security Professionals

Akriss Recruitment understands Data and Cyber Security

Data is revolutionising the way companies do business. We help companies recruit data professionals.

Data is becoming an essential part of business, and Business intelligence (BI), analytics and big data are becoming increasingly vital to organisations wishing to examine customer behaviour or make forward thinking decisions. 
Akriss Recruitment specialises in data and analytics candidates both permanent and contract. We know that the current market is job-led; there are fewer candidates out there than there are roles. All these types of roles require specialist candidates too, so we create strategies and methodologies to help clients ensure they don’t miss out on the right candidate to meet their needs. 

These are the sort of roles we recruit for :-

Data Scientists, Data Analysts, BI Analysts, Data Modellers, Marketing Analytics and optimisation, Statistical analysis. Basically any role where data is the emphasis we can help with!

The realm of cyber security is vast. As the world becomes more interconnected, the threats to data security multiply. Each new connection is a potential gateway to malicious intruders. We work alongside cyber security companies to help them find candidates in the following areas:-

Data Loss Prevention, Antivirus and Malware protection, Cyber analytics and risk intelligence, authentication and mobile security


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